Welcome to the world of Minicaravans

CAROX + s.r.o. is engaged in the development, production, sale and service of stylish small caravans, which are gaining more and more popularity among caravaning and outdoor fans in the Czech Republic and abroad. The production history of these small caravans dates back to the 1930s.

Thanks to the focus on small caravans, our company is the largest manufacturer of these types of caravans in the Czech Republic. The advantage of our mini-caravans is that they can be towed by small or low-power cars, as well as by motorcycle tricycles or some powerful motorcycles. Due to their low weight and aerodynamic shape, they also have little effect on increasing the towing vehicle’s consumption, yet provide enough comfort to two adults or even a family with two small children. The homologated speed limit of 130 km/h for all our models will be especially appreciated by those who travel on longer routes.

We currently produce 2 types of mini-caravans – Mini K Family and Mini K Sport. In 2018 we introduced the third model – Mini K Family Plus, which was specially designed for families with children. Despite the small dimensions, the standard equipment of most of our mini-caravans is a large double bed, a kitchen with a refrigerator, plenty of storage space, electrical equipment and comfortable lighting. Thanks to the additional equipment, you can extend the mini-caravans purchased from us, for example, with a solar panel, sink with running water, bike racks, audio / video system or choose one of the special versions.

You can also buy inflatable tents for our models from our offer. You will be perfectly protected from the weather. In addition, we will be able to put our caravans into the colors that will match your eye or the color of your car or tricycle, either with the appropriate stickers or by spraying the entire caravan.


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