Minikaravany CAROX+

Made precisely with love for nature and camping

Minicaravans CAROX+

The advantage of our mini-caravans is, that they can be towed by small or low-power cars, as well as by tricycles or some powerful motorcycles.


Quality materials

We produce mini-caravans on CNC machines but final completion is made by hand, exclusively in the Czech Republic and from quality materials. Thanks to it, you can rely on them 100% during all your trips.

Everyone chooses

Our range includes minicaravans for classic camping and specially adapted versions for cyclists, climbers or even fishermen.


All our models have European certificate approving their operationability across Europe.


You can also buy inflatable tents for our models from our offer.


Choose from our range of caravans. You can choose minicaravan for classic camping, but also a tricycle attachable caravan.

Mini K Family Plus

A mini-caravan specially designed for a family of four with a hinged kitchen countertop.

Mini K Family

Ideal for traveling in pairs. Inside you will find a large double bed or a sliding kitchen countertop.

Mini K Sport

Light and small caravan, ideal for tricycles. Despite its small size, it provides plenty of room for a comfortable sleep.

To see the price of the model with accessories you can use:

Configurator from our seller (in czech)

Mobile business space

Looking for mobile business space? We have a solution for you.



Our mobile business space provides plenty of room for your work while maintaining compact dimensions.



We supply the caravans fully equipped, according to your requirements and needs.



You can simply connect these small caravans to the car.


Quick execution

You don’t have to wait for months. Contact us for more information.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


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